The Huron Carole

The Huron Carole is a seasonal music tradition spanning more than 3 decades that has typically toured from coast to coast to coast.  As the world adjusts to the postponement of live events for an undetermined length of time, this renowned concert series, produced by the team behind The Huron Carole and Almighty Voices, Zoomed to living rooms with exceptional quality and creativity.

Christmas classics, unique stories, and original music summed up the performance by Tom Jackson and award-winning musicians Tom McKillip, Darryl Havers, John MacArthur Ellis, Kirby Barber and Chris “the wrist” Nordquist.  Viewing The Huron Carole Virtual was available only via Zoom and accessible by ticket purchase or invite.  Airings were hosted by over 30 social agencies serving a variety of urgent and long-term needs.

Tom Jackson, founder of The Huron Carole Benefit Concert Series, is a musician, beloved TV personality (North of 60, Star Trek, Law and Order), and long-time champion for the marginalized. Having experienced life on the streets himself, he discovered music was a way to help others.

“Under the cloud of these challenging times, I am of the opinion that food banks and those less fortunate in our world are going to be the ones most impacted by the current economic fall-out from Covid 19. This Christmas season is going to be different from any other.  It’s going to require us, as individuals and as a society, to look inside ourselves for a light of optimism.  A silver lining.  We must treasure that light and hang on to that silver lining with all our might.”

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The Huron Carole History

After an auspicious start in Toronto in 1987 with a performance at the Silver Dollar, hundreds of musicians have graced The Huron Carole stage since that time.

Touring artists: Valdy, Gary Fjellgaard, Melanie Doane, Charlie Major, Shannon Gaye, Patricia Conroy, Duane Steele, Prescott Brown, Beverley Mahood, Michael Burgess, Farmer’s Daughter, Lisa Brokop, Thomas Wade, VIP, Tara Lyn Hart, Amanda Stott, Susan Aglukark, Diane Chase, Good Brothers, Ennis Sisters, McMaster & James, The Nylons, Michelle Wright, Brad Johner, Aaron Pritchett, Madison Violet, Lunch at Allen’s, Andrea Menard, Pear, One More Girl, George Canyon, Don Amero, Kristian Alexandrov

Guest artists: Chantal Kreviazuk, Barney Bentall, Jackie Richardson, Joel Feeney, Moxy Fruvous, George Fox, Barra McNeil’s, Prairie Oyster, Connie Kaldor, Joan Kennedy, Steve Bell, Jason McCoy, Jamie Warren, Jim Byrnes, The Earthtones, Rick Tippe, Jack Semple, Natalie MacMaster, Rankin Sisters, Molly Johnson, Mood Jga Jga, Rick Neufeld, Jann Arden, James Keelaghan, Bramwell Tovey, Graham Shaw, Lorraine Segato, Amy Sky, Bruce Guthro, Colin James

Hosts:  Graham Greene, Peter Gzowski, Vicki Gabereau, Cynthia Dale, August Schellenberg, Al Simmons, North of 60 Stars, Regional CBC Radio & TV personalities, Dini Petty

Variations of The Huron Carole – and the run of “Singing for Supper” – have toured across Canada playing major venues, church basements and community halls.  Maybe you saw the show at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall in 1996?  Or you lined up at Calgary’s Convention Centre counting down to when the gates would roll up?  Or maybe you kept your feet warm and spirits high waiting outside of St. Ignatius Church in Winnipeg?  Or were you asked to come back the next night in St. John’s when the tour’s flight couldn’t land?

Are you a SWAG collector?  Starting with this sweatshirt created for the 1988 show in Winnipeg, we’ve produced 10 albums, lapel pins, vests, toques, mitts, T-shirts, scarves, bags, books, headbands and masks.

1988 Huron Carole sweatshirt

1988 Huron Carole sweatshirt

Between 1994 and 2004 The Huron Carole was broadcast on television starting with its debut on CBC’s Country Beat and continuing as a major Christmas special airing on CBC, CMT and APTN.

2003 HC all cast rehearses

The 2003 Huron Carole all cast rehearses.

Christmas & Winter Relief Association

  • Non-profit association founded in 1988 by Tom Jackson with a mandate to support organizations doing hands-on work with the homeless and hungry in Canada.
  • Has generated over $230M in combined cash/in-kind value for food banks and disaster relief
  • Projects include:   The Huron Carole Benefit Concert Series (1988-2004 and 2012-current); Red River Relief (1997); The Holiday Train (1999-2004); The Vigil (2001); Beef Relief (2003); Say Hay TV Special (2003); Singing for Supper (2004-2010); Hullelujah (2005-2009 and 2018-2020); Swinging for Supper (2006-2010); Rise Again (2009); Home Sweet Hope (2009-current); ‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime (2011); Slave Lake Benefit Concert (2011); Making Spirits Bright (2012); Halo High Water (2013)

Archived Huron Carole Press Releases

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Virtual Tour Dates/Locations/Links to buy tickets at
F: /thehuroncarole

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