Stories, Songs & Santa Causes

Stories, Songs & Santa Causes

Stories, Songs & Santa Causes kickstarts the 2022 holiday season

An evening of original music, sing-along tunes, and signature Christmas music from master storyteller, Tom Jackson; BC Country Music Association hall-of-fame producer, Tom McKillip; and award-winning producer/multi-instrumentalist John MacArthur Ellis begins November 24 2022. Described as grace meets style and quirky festivity, the shows promises to deliver on all the causes – compassion, empathy, faith, hope and love – that many have enjoyed for decades.

Not unlike The Huron Carole where raising funds and awareness for local food banks and family service agencies became a multi-decade institution, this year, audiences will get to enjoy some of Tom’s in-person charm and first-hand commitment to those in need. Consider yourself part of the solution to saving lives.

Tom, Tom and John can’t promise “no Dad jokes”, but the performance will bring some much-welcome levity and humanity with a date-night – or family-day – vibe!

Check regularly for updated concert listings and ticketing info.

Thanks to National Sponsor Canada Life.

What’s Your Santa Cause?

Send us your Santa Cause and we’ll add it to the list!

  1. Made by Momma. It is a Calgary organization that prepares home cooked meals for families who are dealing with cancer (could be the parent or child). Not everyone has a support system when challenges arise. God bless these lovely people. Marie, Calgary
  2. I have been running a small, herding breed specific rescue for almost 30 years. Recently, as I consider retirement, I would like to work on ending homelessness by building a community of low cost, self-sustainable intelligent homes. I’d also like to create, separately or as part of that community, a pet friendly shelter to help the vulnerable in times of need. Right now, neither of these things exist to help bring the vulnerable and/or the homeless out of their situations. Cindy, Didsbury, AB
  3. Clean water for all of areas where this basic human right is being denied! At least I would like to start a dialogue! This needs to be corrected! Tim, Vancouver
  4. The Thompson seniors/elders hamper program. A few years ago they saw a need for elders/ seniors with mobility issues who were struggling to get out to shop. Some elders/ seniors were so limited with mobility like not being able to climb stairs, not strong enough to pull little carts or carry bags, no rides, no city transit. We are hoping that you would love to support this hamper program. Not just feeding people, but saving lives too. Bobbi, Thompson, MB
  5. Feed Nova Scotia. Food is Survival! Michelle, Halifax
  6. Operation Leave The Streets Behind, assisting Homeless Veterans with a hand up, not a hand out. The Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Provincial Command started this program in 2010 and has assisted over 1030 Homeless Veterans in Ontario and the number grows every day. Juanita, Newmarket, ON
  7. In full support of The Counselling Centre, Brandon. Bonnie, Russell, MB
  8. Don’t Go Hungry Food Support appreciates not only the matched challenge of a generous man and compassionate community to help people struggling with life’s basics, but also the warm moments of hugs and holds following the performance. Laurie, New Westminster
  9. Thank you Raising the Roof for a spotlight on the homelessness issue…we have to get everyone a safe space and home.
    Jim, Toronto
  10. The people at the Dream Centre are fantastic.
    Craig & Steph, Calgary
  11. Great show and all for a good cause. Hope everyone donates to the Calgary Food Bank in appreciation.
    Brenda, Calgary
  12. I’m happy to support Harvest Manitoba through your hard work, and THANK YOU for what you do.
    Grace, Winnipeg

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