Creating Health

Being healthy is not a subordinate role.  It is a leading role, not just a reactive role, rather a proactive role.

364 - Timeless Wisdom for Modern Times“My mission is to improve the lives of others.  Entertainers, business owners, and most importantly, those in need.  Why you may ask?  I believe that they will, in turn, pay it forward.  That this will create a movement of positive change and if done right, it will ripple across our communities, our provinces and finally across the world.  I also do this because it helps me.  Giving changes us for the better.  When we look to help others, we end up helping ourselves, generating our own personal cycle of success and meaning.”

There has never been a better time to share the wisdom of our Elders, express kindness, and explore essential ways to create health, putting all forms of health at the forefront versus managing disease. While we learn how to determine what is urgent and important in these forever-changing times, it is essential to leap, learn, laugh, and love.  We believe in providing the tools to work toward that mindset and the opportunity to care for and to serve others.

We approach all of our projects through the lens of creating health, inspiring, informing and supporting the belief that love is transformative.  As Tom says, “let’s make love a verb.”

Most recently, the 12-part online series “Almighty Voices” explored the connection between arts and mental health while raising funds for music professionals.  “The Huron Carole” has been a steadfast event linking the have’s and the have not’s, providing many the opportunity to give and receive.  The release of “364 – Timeless Wisdom for Modern Times” exemplified the purpose behind positivity while fundraising for The Canadian Red Cross.  New projects are being developed to support artists, industries and charities.

Joy is the DNA of health.  Intelligence and love are the economies of the future.

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